Where Comfort Meets Canvas

When you own one of my tent cabins, you will enjoy the experience and comforts of ArchiTENTure and become part of a growing family of tent cabin owners.

My tent cabin making is a craft. And are related to the family of tents that require some form of support for the fabric such as wood, or aluminum poles.

And is not to be confused with a yurt, a tiny house, or more livable type dwellings. They are ideal near a lake, river, or on the back forty. You will appreciate the warmth of the canvas stretched over wood as daylight filters through the translucent walls.

​​Imagine a night cooking over the campfire with seasoned cast-iron cookware or reading your favorite book by the comforting warmth of a country lantern. At night, the glow of lamps and flickering candles coming from inside the tent light up the otherwise pitch dark woods.

Tent cabins are for a new breed of campers wanting to experience the outdoors while inside a tent. It's the craft and craftsmanship that makes them totally unique!


The Shadows Of Nature
Architenture By Totally Unique Cabins